Committed to Science & Discovery

About Our R&D Team

Our Research & Development Department is dedicated to developing the finest textiles, coatings, substrates, plastics and other mediums in the market for commercial, residential & industrial applications. Precision’s high standards and excellence in research, is what sets us apart in the industry from our competitors.

Precision’s products are specifically designed with unparalleled uniformity, depth, structure, strength, endurance, longevity, ease of use & machinery compatibility throughout the manufacturing process in mind, while also offering trending technologies & designing exclusive upcoming features which add value & marketability to your finished product in the modern-day world. Additionally, we work on producing new application methods which streamline your manufacturing process by simplifying & conjoining traditional multi-step processes, into a single-step solution.

Our research team hones its focus on customized solutions expertly formulated with the needs of our customers and their respective industries in mind. An integral understanding of the many complex industries we have worked with over the course of 30 years, has given us a fundamental sense on which features & technologies will be highly valuable to our partners and clients. We keep a critical watch on industry-wide issues which may be tackled to achieve optimal manufacturing efficiency, by utilizing scientific problem solving & rigorous testing procedures which enable us to present creative new concepts to our partners.

We are committed to science, discovery, research, just as much as our commitment to the success of our clients & partners. In an increasingly competitive & ever-expanding marketplace, it is important to work with an intuitive team which is aware that the adaptation & understanding the trends of a changing world is imperative to achieving and sustaining success.